Goldfish Taste Test

One of the children were looking through magazine and saw a Cupcake Goldfish ad. Ms. Michelle asked if he had ever tried the Cupcake Goldfish, and he said No. During meeting we asked who has ever tried that flavor of Goldfish and most of the children said no but were interested in trying them.

So, we decided to have a Goldfish Taste Test!

We started with the children looking at the five different packages and predicting what the Goldfish would taste like. After making their predictions they tasted the five different Goldfish. Here is what they said they taste like:

Cheddar Goldfish:

Like 100 cheeses - Matiw

Cheese - Hayden

Baby Goldfish:

Blueberry - Adira

Peanuts - Kalvery

Cheese - Camila

Pizza Goldfish:

Good - Matiw

Spaghetti - Brittany

Pizza - Natasha


Smore Goldfish:

Good - Ashley

Marshmallows - Adira

Cupcake Goldfish:

Blueberry - Lucianna

Cupcake - Ian

Cupcake - Samiyah

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