Great First Week

We had such a great first week back at school! It was so nice to meet and see all of the new, and returning children!!!


This week, groups of children were able to explore the studios and have conversations while creating collaborative self-portraits. They took great interest in studying their reflections, and those of their peers. After they had finished up with their drawings, a lot of the children showed great interest in exploring light. They used flashlights, colored lamps, reflective and transparent manipulatives, and themselves (the adults too!) in their investigations. Other children were eager to venture to other areas of the studios as well. We look forward to seeing where these interests, and hypotheses take us next!!!


20170406_092016.jpg 20170406_092918.jpg 20170406_093539.jpg

20170406_094923.jpg 20170406_095627.jpg 20170411_092346.jpg

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