Home Living Space

Since the beginning of school, the home living space has been a favorite area to play in the classroom.  The children enjoy cooking, going to work, putting their babies to bed, and doing dishes. To create a more inviting play space, we added a clothes line and some laundry for them to hang up with clothespins!  We also added a special office area so the children can "go to work".  
We asked some of the children what else they would like to have in this space, and some suggested that we make a door.  Miss Laura brought us a very large box to use-but after the children saw this box, their ideas changed!
After some conversations and questions, it was decided that they wanted to build a space ship out of the box instead. Using the ipad, we looked at many pictures of space ships and used it as a guide in creating our own.
Currently, the space ship is still under construction. It sits right next to the home living area, so it serves as another piece to imagining and creating stories!
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