I'm Building a Tree! - Fun With Light & Natural Materials

New groups of children were able to explore our light provocations and do some extensive research with cool new natural materials. Today, they seemed especially interested in being very close to the lights. They pulled them closer as they were playing, followed the beams with a pencil as it moved around the paper, and closely studied different manipulatives as they held them to the light. Other groups were especially interested in large chunks of wood from a fallen tree. They used their hands and different tools to chip away at the bark and dig their way into openings in the wood. Some children were scientists, observing the properties of this tree’s remains. Others were artists, and some were observers. It is always amazing to see wheels turning as each individual discovers how they learn best.



Hey Markie, can you show me how that works?

Mark: It turns on with the button. Then I turn it and it still works. It can shine.


Larissa: It’s a ball (points to circular light beam on wall)!

Whoa! Where did it come from?!

Larissa: It is on all of them (switches to the three different settings on the lamp).




Christopher: I’m building a tree! Dang, it fell!!! I got to tie it on.


Samuel: I can’t get the spiders out (spots ants under the tree bark)!

Ian: I got it!

Wesley: I got it!

Mya: I found the spider!


20170810_092537.jpg 20170810_093122.jpg 20170810_093410.jpg

20170810_094732.jpg 20170810_100750.jpg 20170810_101430.jpg

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