I'm Stepping On The Light

In order to foster the children’s curiosity in light and reflection, a provocation of lamps, flashlights, and “light-interactive” objects was introduced. The children were quick to notice shadows, and the fun ways color and light can manipulate one another. In addition, the children were eager to venture into other spaces that they surmised needed a good flashlight investigation!


Mal: I opened the door and I saw red.

TJ: It made red.

Ariana: It looks like a shadow.


Mal: I turned it (the light) off.

What turns the light on and off?

TJ: The thing… in here (switch).

Arianna: You can’t put your hand in there so it can burn you!


Cayden: There’s a shadow up there! I’m stepping on the light!!!

Arianna: They’re (marbles) yellow ‘cause I’m shining the flashlight on them.

Finley: The flashlight!

Kennedy: The circle is tiny (shines light on the floor). I’m making it bigger and smaller!


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