Ice Cream Menus

Continuing our "Ice Cream study", we had a discussion asking children what a menu is and how we use them.  After we investigated various menus, we began to draw and write things for our own menu.


Here are some things items they talked about:

“I wrote oreo! It’s from McDonalds.  I’m also making a different flavor, it’s mint, I put blueberries, sprinkles and chocolate.  It would  be $2 or $3 dollars.  -Kamila

“It’s an ice cream cone.  It would pay $10.” -Matthew

“I make ice cream with a cherry on top!” -Xavier

It’s a chocolate, has a cherry on top and sprinkles.  Oh! I have to make whipped cream too! It’s called chocolate cherry!” -Graham

“A rainbow ice cream in a cup.  There’s blue, green, yellow, orange, and a cherry!” -Greta

“This is blue ice cream, this is cherry ice cream, and this is strawberry.  It’s on a cone and you pay $3.” -Alison 


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