Interest in Music

Our current area of interest is music. Our interest started out with a few students using pencils to drum on a table. We decided that the pencils were too small, and that the table was not a very good drum. So, we went on a hunt for materials to use as drumsticks and drums! Outside, we found an old tire, and we had some PVC pipe in the room from a previous activity. We put the two together, and we made our very own circle drum! Students danced, sang and drummed to their own songs and to popular songs. The most requested was “Whip and Nae Nae”. We experimented with making other musical instruments, such as shakers, rain sticks, and wind pipes.

Art and music were combined many times throughout our project. Students were asked to drum music notes on a large scale staff, using paint covered drumsticks. We did this as we sang songs together. Later we talked about how different types of music can make us feel. We painted to a fast paced song and a slow, classical song. When the music was fast, many students shook their paintbrushes fast as well. One student said fast music, “made me paint happy”.

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