It's Glowing

Today, new groups of children at the Thompson building were introduced to the light provocations and encouraged to explore. They weren’t in one place for long as we decided to take the lights into a dark room to see what we might notice. Almost right away, our attention was on the shadows that were being created in this new, much darker space. The children explored how their bodies (especially their hands), toys, and other objects casted different shadows. It was awesome to watch them notice the movement of the shadows and how this concept coincided with their actions!!! In addition, the children were eager to explore other materials in the studio. We must always be ready to go where THEY LEAD US next!!!


Roddy: The lights are going off and on with the button. It helps find bugs in there (while shining flashlight into sink drain)! Look! It’s glowing!!!

What’s in there (my ear)?

Brylin: A squirrel!

Roddy: He’s eating your ear. He wants to hide!


Annika: Two flashlights together. They mix up! It’s purple… it turns pink with the light!

Avery: Wow! That’s cool ‘cause it went red!

Moses: Wow!

Miss Katie: Can you see it through my hand?

Annika: Yeah! It’s fire on my hand!

Avery: No, look at the flashlight… it’s good!


Why does the light grow?

Brylin: I moved it.

Gigi: Look, it’s growing! Do you see?

Roddy: Look at my shadow!

Gigi: Look at my dinosaur (toy casting a shadow)!

Iker: Mira (look) (points to his shadow)!


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