Learning Technology

Once a month, Ms. Anderson, a staff member from the InfoZone library, visits us in the classroom. With each visit, she brings a new piece of technology for us to work with and learn about. Additionally, she brings in books by a new author or illustrator for the upcoming month. During her first visit, she brought robot dinosaurs and books by Donald Crews. Through our study of Donald Crews, we learned that we can be authors, illustrators and readers too! This month, she brought a “codeapillar” to teach us the basics of coding and books by Eric Carle. We are so excited to see what all we will learn! 



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Growing Artists

Over the past few weeks, the children have discovered that they are very talented readers and artists! One student read a book out loud to the class during a meeting using our classroom microphone. She told us that she knew how to read because she had heard a teacher read the book and remembered the words. Building images of ourselves as readers is essential to each child's success. We’ll continue to explore this more throughout the year. We also read the book, The Dot, and discovered that we are artists as well! The children have loved exploring their painting skills with watercolors and practicing writing their names by signing their artwork pieces.




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Outdoor Adventures

We've had a wonderful start to the new school year in the classroom. Our time has been spent playing together both inside and outside of the classroom. Our students have enjoyed exploring a variety of materials in the classroom. During outdoor play, they love stepping from rock to rock and playing Ring Around the Rosie together. 




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Farm Field Trip!

Thank you to @ButlerCUEfarm for teaching us where our food comes from as a part of our pizza project!

farm1.jpg farm2.jpg

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Designing Pizzas!

The children of the Butler Lab School have been studying all things pizza! When asked to re-visit and talk about what they had already learned, they eagerly discussed many different types of pizzas and their toppings, how and where they are made, and who exactly can make them. It was indeed clear that we had a group of pizza-pie aficionados on our hands!!! In support of this, a provocation was presented with a variation of open-ended materials intended as pizza crusts, cheeses, toppings, sauces, or whatever their tremendous, pizza-making minds could come up with. It was exciting to see different ideas come to fruition as we watched the children design triangular, square, and circular ‘pie-crusts’ that would go on to be covered with many different and interesting combinations of toppings!!!


Before Introducing the Provocation


So… what do you know about pizza!?

Elecio: Put sauce and then cheese and then pepperoni on it.

Palmer: If you’re making a desert pizza, the sauce can be almost anything! It can be icing, ice cream, whipped cream…

Tatum: Sometimes you eat MMs on desert and you have regular sauce for regular pizza.

Will: Desert pizzas you need icing and sauce.

Ayden: I paint my pizza pink and I put my pink icing on there. I put little hearts here on top.

Brazil: I know about a piece a’ the pizza ‘cause I know about people and they eat food and they eat all the food. The man come out the door to get food and then he goes back in to get more food.

Sahara: You have a whole pizza like a cookie. There is icing on it and there is candy on it, then you put it in the oven.

Ladarian: You put chocolate and put it in the oven.


Miranda: I like pizza. Pepperoni… it’s, like… hot and spicy!

Brazil: Yeah! It’s spicy ‘cause it’s jalapenos ‘cause it’s hot. It’s so spicy you can’t even eat it!


Who can make pizza?

Group: Me!

Others: A chef!


During the Provocation


Tatum: I think the red one is going to be the sauce.

Will: I’m making it a circle pizza.


Brazil: I found something gross?

Ew, was it a topping?

Elecio: Mushroom? I want cheese on.

Brazil: It’s a chili-cow thing. I don’t want that so I’m putting lots of cheese on! Now all done. I have to put it in the oven.

Maya: It’s cheese.

What else?

Maya: Nothing, it’s all cheese (duh, Mr. Bryan).

Palmer: I have enough black olives.

Ayden: More peppers, then more seeds, and the broccoli!

Tatum: I made a desert pizza with marshmallows and ice cream. And… water! And… cookies! It’s hot!


Taking Orders


Ladarian: Can I take your order?

I want…

Ladarian: *He repeats as he jots down invented writing.*

How long will that take?

Ladarian: 5 seconds.

pizza1.jpg pizza2.jpg

pizza3.jpg pizza4.jpg


pizza7.jpg pizza8.jpg

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Digging Deeper into our Pizza Project!

We are digging deeper into  our pizza project.    We had the opportunity to interview our Butler teacher, Ms. Conley, to learn more about pizza shops.   She works at a pizza restaurant and was able to answer the children's questions about pizza! ​Here are some of the children's questions:

"Where does the pizza come from?"
"Do you guys make dessert pizza?"

"What oven do you use?"

"How do you put the toppings on?"


We watched a video to learn how tomatoes are grown, harvested, and canned to make it to our local grocery store shelves for pizza sauce.


We also made a cookie dessert pizza and worked through the math to plan out how many pieces we would need and how we should cut the pizza.


The children had the opportunity to make their own art pizza by choosing the color of sauce and the toppings (from loose materials).

"There's cheese, pepperoni, spaghetti, ketchup, and salsa.    The sauce tastes like cookie pizza."

pizzaproject1.jpg pizzaproject2.jpg

                                        pizzaproject3.jpg pizzaproject4.jpg

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"Pizza, pizza, I love Pizza!"

We began a new project, all about pizza!   Before break, we noticed the children cooking pizza in the kitchen and making pizza out of playdough.   Over the past two weeks, we created a class web containing what we know about pizza.   We also created a list of pizza toppings, which included marshmallows and grapes!    This let us know that some friends have eaten dessert pizza and fruit pizza.   Students had the opportunity to create pizzas with playdough and loose parts, memory drawings of a time they had pizza and pizza collages out of art materials.   We look forward to continuing our study of  pizza.

pizza1.jpg pizza2.jpg 

pizza3.jpg pizza4.jpg

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Experimenting with... Air-Dry Clay!

Today, the children from our Lab School classroom were offered the opportunity to experiment with air-dry clay. This was a new medium to some students and a familiar one to others. It was so much fun to listen to their discussions about what they were making, amongst other topics!


Palmer: It’s squishy and funny and hard.

Zahara: It’s kind of stinky.

Gretchen: I’m going to make a duck.

Palmer: Look at this. It’s my snake. I’ve been rollin’ it out to make it long. I just flattened it down like dough. You can make me… you can make Mr. Bryan… you guys can make yourself.


Brazil: I made this for you.

Ladarian: Thank you.


Ladarian: I’m making a Power Ranger. So, um, when a monster comes, the Power Rangers morph up and they have a watch… they do this, and this, and this (makes familiar motions).

Palmer: I made a hammock.


Palmer: You put two strings through it.


*Ladarian begins to show friends how to roll their clay into a ball.*


Brazil: He made mine into a ball too!

William: Can you make me a ball, please?!

Ladarian: Yes!


Ladarian: It’s easy and I love my friends.


*Other peers begin to roll balls just like Ladarian.*



Ladarian: You can just roll them around.

Oceana: You can use it to make a birthday cake!

William: I’m making it pancakes.

Ladarian: Now I’ma make pancakes. So, I smush it like that and then pancakes (tosses flat clay up like he’s flipping flapjacks).

Jayden: I’ma make a car… I cut this piece.


Aiden: I’m making a Rainbow Dash pony.

Nolah: A fish.

Zahara: It’s a popsicle (puts some air-dry on a long clay tool).

Aiden: First, I have to make the body.

Zahara: Twist it a little bit. It helps it break then you roll it together. 

pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpg pic5.jpg pic6.jpg

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Neighborhood Adventures

We headed out on neighborhood adventures in small groups!    In response to the children's favorite book, Walking through the Jungle, we set out "Walking through the Neighborhood" to see what we could find.   We brainstormed ideas of different things we might find and made our own binoculars to use on our adventures.   We had many parents join us and each child had a specific job on the walk (leader, traffic watcher, sketched, photographer, map reader and caboose).


The children found numerals, a variety of signs, insects, construction machines, houses, airplanes and even a surprise park!   

 IMG_6301.JPG IMG_6310.JPG IMG_6363.JPG

IMG_6471.JPG Picture4.jpg

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Outdoor Joy

The children love spending time in the school's outdoor garden area.   The children play, learn and discover during their daily outdoor play.   


We care for one another when a friend falls and offer a helping hand to a friend trying the tires for the first time.  

We watch as the flowers turn into strawberries.

We feel the leaves as they begin to dry up.

We taste the sweet juice of the freshly picked melon.

We create "soup" and "ice cream" from mud, grass and leaves.

We build strong bodies and minds as we run back and forth.

We imagine as we watch airplanes fly overhead.

We connect with one another and our world.

DSC_0143.JPG DSC_0388.JPG DSC_0478.JPG

DSC_0495.JPG DSC_0273.JPG DSC_0297.JPG


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