Our Study of Eric Carle

We began the year reading books by author and illustrator, Eric Carle. We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Mixed Up Chameleon, and The Very Busy Spider. The children were immediately hooked on his books. We used these stories as inspiration for telling our own stories in story workshop. Children began to imagine the legos as different foods the caterpillar was eating and the blocks as the legs of a spider. The children requested repeated readings of these familiar books. We got more books by Eric Carle from the library. We built our images as storytellers, drawing inspiration from his stories. We began to develop our images as painters by learning about how Eric Carle paints his characters and scenery. The children explored sculpting as they created their own characters for storytelling, using tissue paper and water color (just like Eric Carle!) to finish their sculptures. We worked on building our identities as readers through reading his books. The children had read and heard his books so many times, they felt confident as readers independently reading his books. We explored being authors and illustrators ourselves, drawing inspiration from Eric Carle’s stories as the children made their own books. As we move on in our work, all of the children view themselves as readers, writers, painters and storytellers… just like Eric Carle.

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Building Our Identities

The past few weeks we have been immersed in a study of Eric Carle. We have used his books as inspiration for building our identities as storytellers, writers, painters and readers. The children have been rebelling their favorites such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Mixed Up Chameleon. They have been using their imaginations like Eric Carle to paint and create their own characters for their stories. Most importantly, the children have come to call themselves readers, writers, painters and storytellers. Here they are in action!

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Eric Carle Studies

Welcome to a new year here at SMCC @ The Butler University/IPS Lab School. We are so thrilled to welcome back returning families and families new to our location.  The children are in the swing of our daily play together.  We started the year with an author study of Eric Carle.  We used this knowledge to launch our story workshop.  Story workshop is a way for us to think about telling stories through our play.  We think about telling stories about places we go and things we like to do with our friends and families.  We also this about telling stories like the ones we read.  The children have experimented with their own versions of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Mixed Up Chameleon.

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Our Work as Photographers

The afternoon class completed their photography alphabet.    It is a beautiful work of art!
We got out the professional Nikon camera.   The children learned the parts of the camera and photography words.  Each student chose a letter to find in the school and photograph.  We returned to the classroom to edit the photograph on the computer.  The photograph was printed and added to our collection of letters.  Once we had all the letters, the children sorted the letters and organized them for the final piece of art.   They cut, glued and painted a finishing coat on the top.   The children gave it a title and signed their work.
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Switching Roles

We switched roles with our reading buddies in the afternoon class.   Instead of going upstairs to listen to our buddies read to us, we invited our buddies to our classroom so we could read to them.   We spent 2 weeks practicing how to be good readers by looking at the pictures, saying what is happening on the page, thinking about what the characters are saying or how they might be feeling.   Additionally, we practiced taking care of books and book handling skills by turning the pages carefully front to back.   We even learned that good readers talk about a story after they read.   So, we practiced talking to each other and sharing our favorite part of the stories.   After all this practice, it was finally time for our buddies to come and listen to us read.   These photos capture the confidence the children displayed as they took the lead role in reading.   It was certainly a proud teacher moment!

DSC_1066.JPG   DSC_1070.JPG   DSC_1072.JPG

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Exploring our Identities as Scientists

Over the past week, we have had fun exploring our identities as scientists with snow. We mixed colors in the snow and watched the snow melt into water. The children wanted to see if it would turn back into snow if we put it back outside.  So our experiment began, we put the water outside overnight. We came back the next day to discover that it froze into ice!  This led us to explore ice a little further.  All the while, the children are making hypotheses and testing them out!  We will continue to explore the properties of snow, water, ice and temperature to see what we discover.

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New Art Form

We are learning a new art form.

Our afternoon class has ventured into a new art form, photography.  Our study of lines led us to looking at the letters of the alphabet.   We noticed how vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved lines work together to form different letters.   Last week, we began to learn about cameras and how to use them to create art.   They have learned about the neck strap and the lens cap.   They have learned the terms "edit" and "photographer."  The children are taking turns exploring the Lab School to find the letter of their choice.   Then, they photograph the letter.   We return to the classroom to edit and print the photo.

Stay tuned for our completed alphabet!

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Create Your Own Superhero

Over the past 2 weeks, our morning class has worked on their superhero identities.    We were invited to Greggory and Appel to trick or treat on October 30.   We ventured into the world of costume design.   The students each chose his/her own superpower.   The list included running fast, climbing, turning everything pink, and making houses for everyone.   Once each child (and teacher!) had his/her own superpower, we talked about choosing  a symbol to represent your superpower.    The students then used markers, ribbon and felt to create their superpower symbol on the back of their capes.   We finished our costumes off with masks.    Many thanks to Greggory and Appel for hosting us, we had a wonderful time!

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Out & About in Indy

We have so much fun going out and about Indy on the bus with our bus driver, Mr. Dave.   The past two months we have taken small groups of children to the InfoZone at the Children’s Museum.   We start off with a few stories and songs read by library employee Mr. Joe or a Children’s Museum Guild Volunteer.   After this fun, we head to the computer lab to learn a new computer skill.   We’ve been learning about the mouse, clicking and dragging.   We used these skills to create a piece of artwork.   We are so happy to have this partnership with the library to build strong literacy skills together!

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Reading Buddies

We met our reading buddies from Mrs. Clark's class at the Lab School last Friday afternoon.  We ventured upstairs to the third floor to the second grade classroom.   The children were wide eyed as they met their reading buddies and got cozy to listen to the older children read.   Smiles abounded as the heard silly stories and spied different objects in an "I Spy" book.  We look forward to meeting up with Mrs. Clark's class throughout the year.  

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