Garden to Table at School

The children love exploring in our garden area during our outside play time.   They began to notice lots of edible plants outside.  This led to a discussion of plants we can eat and plants we can’t eat.   After examining the basil plant and smelling the leaves, a student noticed that it’s the same leaves her mom uses to make pesto pasta.   She brought in a recipe from home which led us to deciding to make pesto pasta with the basil from the garden.   The children decided Mr. Dave could take us to the store to purchase the remaining ingredients.   One student decided we would need “30 bucks” to purchase the remaining ingredients.   After our trip to the store, a small group picked and washed 3 cups of basil leaves.   Another group used the food processor to make the pesto.   The last group cooked the noodles and mixed it with our homemade pesto to create “pesto” pasta.   It was finally time to eat our hard work!


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A Trip to the Grocery Store

We took a small group to the grocery store to purchase ingredients for our pesto pasta!   Aden predicted that we would need “30 bucks” to purchase the items and Esther decided that the spaghetti noodles would be “too bendy.”   She chose mostaccioli noodles instead.

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Developing Community

Our work is centered around developing community within our classroom.   We play, sing, dance, build, draw and paint daily.   Through these activities we practice and develop many skills such as sharing, listening, using our words and counting just to name a few.   We look forward to sharing our future work with you.

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Special Guest

Many thanks to parent Mr. Kris for bringing his talents to our classroom.   He is an Assistant Professor in the theatre department at Marian University.   He brought props to help the children act out aspects of his children's show, "How Fox Fooled Everyone."

The children were excited to learn how the snake and birds got their colorful feathers in this story!   The smiles and laughter were contagious during his visit!

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Working Outside

The JOY of working outside!

The past month, we have taken our work outside!  This has allowed the kids to flow between gross motor and fine motor work.  They chase bubbles, play catch, paint and create bead necklaces and bracelets for their friends.   These photos capture the joy in spending our days outside and the questions that arise.  Which weeds do the chickens eat?  What will happen if the ball goes over the fence?  How high will the bubbles go?

We look forward to spending the last few weeks of our school year outside!

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Phil, the Artist

Guest artist Mr. Phil cam to visit us.  He read to us and painted with us.   We were so excited to learn new techniques from him.   He taught us how to fill the page with paint, put another paper on top and gently tap,tap,tap.   When we pulled the pieces apart it was magic!  We even used the back of the paintbrush to draw designs on our painting.  The best part?   The next week, a student tried the technique he taught us with our own paints. 

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Building & Storytelling

The children continue to build new structures each day.   Garages for cars, train stations, secret hideouts for the turtles, castles for the superheroes, flying cars, homes for people… The list goes on.   With each building their structures get more complex and they run out of the material they started with.   They problem solve by bringing in other building materials when the blocks run out.

As their building develops so does their storytelling.   They tell stories with each other about the trains, cars, animals… blocks and Legos continue to be a favorite material to use for storytelling.   Stories are emerging with magnet characters of the billy goats and Goldilocks.   The children are combining these favorite characters to tell their own versions of the stories.   We have started to explore intentional painting of our stories and telling stories in sand and snow!

photo 1(1) photo 1 photo 2(1) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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Creating Masks at the IMA

We LOVE visiting the IMA.   Two weeks ago, we toured the galleries to look at the African Masks.   We took time to notice the many interesting features of all of the different masks.   Today, we returned to spend some time in the star studio with our guest artist to make our own masks.   From markers, to colored sand, to natural materials… we created our own masks.   Some children focused on one material while others combined materials to create their masks.   We are excited to bring the finished, dried pieces back to our classroom next week. We’ll see what stories we can tell with our masks.

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Story Workshop

The children came back from break to a larger building area and the beginning stages of a dedicated story workshop area.   They were excited as they moved about the room, locating their favorite materials and enjoying the larger building space.   They are starting to mix materials in their buildings and wanting to save their buildings from day to day.   With the rearranged space, we also spent time looking up and noticed that there isn’t much in the top half of our room.   The children created bead wires to store inspirations for stories and books in progress.   They used beads, wire, sharpies and clear transparency sheets to create a hanging work of art.

Ms. Elizabeth, our studio teacher, brought in wood boxes and pieces of plywood.  The children explore arrangements of these materials to create a story workshop space in our classroom.   We are currently experimenting with one of the designs. In story workshop, we have begun to use felt pieces to form collages as a way to tell stories.

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Questions about Snow

What do you do when it’s too cold to play outside in the snow? Bring the snow inside to play! The excitement and hypotheses started flowing as we brought the snow inside. Would it melt? Would it make our room too cold? We set out to discover.

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