Light and Shadow Exploration

The children of room 3 at the Gilliate building have been studying light and shadows, and the correlation to photography. In continuing their explorations, they photographed themselves, teachers, peers, and items within an isolated area of the studio. In this area were large mirrors, small hanging mirrors, flashlights, and transparent items that were used in manipulating their photography in ways that would promote their curiosity!!! 

Patrick: I see a shadow.


Where did it come from?

Patrick: The light, because it’s dark!



In continuing our light and shadow explorations, children from rooms 3 and 5 went out to find, and materialize their shadows! We took turns tracing each other’s shadows and then filled the outline using spray bottles of paint. We observed how our shadows moved and discussed where they went when they had disappeared. We weren’t sure if we’d ever seen a blue shadow before!!!

Arden: The shadow is gone because the light is gone! The sun is light and your body is darker than the sun.

La’Miya: It movin’ because we walkin’.

Juai: I’m spraying the shadow.


We are making our shadow blue! Have you ever seen a blue shadow before?!

 Juai: No.