Rooms 2 and 3 of our Gilliate building have both begun an investigation of light, reflection and shadows. To explore this further, we brought small groups into a dark room where a projector had been set up with various manipulatives to explore. The children had so much fun collaborating with one another in creating shadows and manipulating the light! We cannot wait to see where their explorations lead them next.

Jasmine: We learn it when we see the shadow.


Jasmine: In our room… outside.

David: *covers projector*

Where’s the light?

Servando: We can’t see?

Leilany: I’m stomping. I’m too fast… I’m gone! *covers projector*

Jaretssi: It’s gone!

Camilla: I see the shadows.

Thomas: I see Thomas. Where is that light on there?

I don’t know. What happens when we block it?

Camilla: It goes away. Look, it came back! That turned off (projector) so it turn off the black (wall) light.

Thomas: Big, small, big, small, big, small, big, small… *moves object closer and further from projector*