Making Connections: City/Canal Explorations

Over the course of the next few weeks, children from different rooms at the Gilliate and Thompson buildings will be going out to explore their communities, city, and  environments in general. Children will be observed in their interactions as they lead the way in learning about the places, things, and people that they want to study. As these interests begin to emerge, connections between classroom investigations/project work and our field studies will be made. Today, the children of Room 2 at the Thompson building explored the canal, downtown, and the people mover! They were very anxious to interact with everything around them. We discussed the ducks on the canal, got up close looks at buildings and landmarks, then took a ride on the people mover!


20161101_103810.jpg DSCN5572.JPG

Here are some of the children’s discussions:


The ducks…

Eduardo: I see ducks!

Dre: The green ones are the boys.

Eduardo: You see their legs, it’s ‘cuz they like to paddle in the water and they swim and when they fly they put they feet down and it was awesome!

Kayla: I see a lot of ducks!

Jace: They’re following us ‘cuz they think we have bread.

Eduardo: That girl is the brown one.

Ryan: They come over here and they be nice so we can pet them.


The fish by the waterfall…

Kayla: Guess what?! There’s something in the water. It’s fish!

Eduardo: I see a orange one.

Ryan: There they are! Can we get the fish when we want to?

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Landmark (Mayor’s Service Award Plaza sign)…

Dre: It’s a mission.

Eduardo: It’s for grownups for the reading store.

Kayla: Letters!

Jace: Yeah, this is lots of words so you can read it.

Ryan: It says no kids, no babies, no baby brothers!


Old fashioned brick building…

Eduardo: It’s locked!

Jace: Yeah, so people don’t break in.

Ryan: I like it ‘cuz it look like a whole bunch of buildings.


The People Mover…

Jace: We want to go there! The train!

Eduardo: We got to take the elevator!

Dre: We going to 4!

Eduardo: We’re here! It’s my mom’s work.

Dre: I see a building… lots of buildings there!

Eduardo: I see our school!

Kayla: I see buses and some buildings.

Ryan: I see a whole bunch of airplanes!

Kayla: Look, step-prints!!!

Dre: Yeah, and trees!

Kayla: We want another ride.

Eduardo: So we can see my mom. She doesn’t work on the train. She works a job.

Eduardo: We’re going backwards now?

Kayla: We are not going backward. We going front!

Dre: Yeah! Choo, choo!

Jace: Nope, we ARE going backwards!

Dre: People use the train so they can go to the building. That one. My family works there so they can make people better

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