The children of Gilliate room 6 have continued onward with their construction project. After observing children building in the classroom, exploring construction in the community, talking with construction professionals, taking a tour of a model home, creating blueprints, and learning some of the intricacies of what goes into building the house, the children asked if they could build a house of their own. After discussions were held, the class was able to deduce that they would need to start by building a foundation. For this, specific materials were obviously required. So, the class took a field trip to Menards to buy concrete and explore sections of the store that connected to their project work.

 Arden: Can I push the cart?

Cristian: A garage! I want it!


“Should we put a garage on the house?”

 Arden: After we finish the house we need to paint it.

Juai: A roof and windows.

Arden: Can we make a deck?

Cristian: Yeah, we need stairs for it.



 What’s here?

 Cristian: Sand, rocks, triangles… for the rocks we need so the house stronger so it can’t knock down.

 Metal rods…

 Cristian: I think they’re for the house for the top!