Mini-Drawing: Developing Spatial Awareness and Attention to Detail

As many children work in the studio or in their classrooms, we frequently notice that children are using entire sheets of paper to draw or write very little. So much more could be added, and we want to express this to the children. Not only are we not wasting paper, we are creating finer, more detailed drawings as the children have to focus in on a smaller space. They had to be more intentional with the markings they made after realizing that they were quickly running out of room!!! At the end of the day, they are gaining valuable skill and knowledge in spatial awareness and adding finer details to their work.


Mark: Little papers.

Celia: Little, tiny papers… chiqui.

Regean: Your pictures gonna be bigger!


Yaretzi: I make Anna.

Celia: I want to make a princess… and Elsa. Her is a princess.

Regean: I’ma make the snowman.

Mark: Spiderman and turtles.


Mark: I’m taking my time.

Regean: I had to draw right here… everyone did (points to the middle of her paper).


Mark: You know turtles have tails. Look at Spiderman just hanging out with a turtle. Spiderman has a lot of body inside of him?


Mark: Yeah.


Celia: Is a ghost… they get things.

Regean: It’s my mommy ‘cause she want on here.

Mark: He has a shell on his back. He’s with my Spidey. This turtle is older than the other one. I’m giving them a cookie and a pizza now!

Yaretzi: Frozen, Else, Anna. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… (counts her drawn figures) I draw!

Celia: It’s my name.


Ayari: Mickey Mouse… his house.

Sarahi: Es mi sister.

 pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpgpic5.jpg pic6.jpg