Mixing Mediums... Natural Materials & Paint

Today, a group of children from the Thompson building helped with a large painting to be displayed at an event for SMCC! After they were finished, most decided to work with a provocation of natural materials inspired by the works of a now familiar artist. Through conversation, some really neat connections were made between peers and the spaces they had each occupied for their explorations!!!


Arianna: Look at my lines!

Kaden: I made the water (while pouring blue paint)!

Finley: Yeah… it’s the lake!!!

Kaden: Oh no! The lava went in my water and it got hot (a friend’s red paint begins to run into his blue)!


Kaden: It just gets hot.

Finley: The rocks are moving!


Finley: Because the lava is hot! See, I put more lava right here!

mixingmediums1.jpg mixingmediums2.jpg mixingmediums3.jpg mixingmediums4.jpg mixingmediums5.jpg