Monster Trucks!

Several children have been very interested in “monster trucks.”   Today, we looked up images of trucks on “google” so they could create drawings from photos.   While looking, we found a video of trucks doing special tricks. They were immediately intrigued, and it began a lot of conversation about trucks and how they work.  I found some monster trucks to bring in the room for the children to explore.  They began to make ramps and obstacle courses in the sensory table.

Here are some of the exchanges between the children:

Diego: They jump high in the air!
Steven: We need a ramp so they can jump
Antoni: Yeah, they jump piles
Steven: They are really big with big tires. 
Antoni: They wear helmets
Steven: Oh yeah, they wear helmets so they can help their heads when they flip.
Ms. Misty: What can we use to create a ramp for them to jump?
Steven: Oh, we can use blocks! Big blocks! I think we can make two at a time.

monstertruck1.jpg monstertruck2.jpg

monstertruck5.jpg monstertruck6.jpg