Ms. Alycia's Treasure

This year, St. Mary’s lost a beloved teacher and friend in Ms. Alycia Adams. She always carried such a kind demeanor and exemplified what St. Mary’s, The Reggio Philosophy, and building relationships are all about. In addition, she loved using found treasures to initiate a sense of wonder while fostering the curiosity of our children. On one of her final treasure hunts, Ms. Alycia found and left us a “magic box’’ to be repurposed.

The box was displayed for the children to observe. They were then asked what they thought it was and for ideas as to what we could do with it. They decided that they wanted to blindly add paint and various manipulatives. They then took turns shaking the box, turning it upside down, and drumming on it. After they were finished, they opened the box to reveal the magic that they had created!

Jace: I wonder what will happen if you mix purple paint and dark blue paint together…

Aiden: Don’t look inside!

Centaurion: They movin’ inside.

Eduardo: They mixed it. Now it’s all stuck.