National Donut Day!!!

In honor of National Donut Day Room 5 celebrated by making donuts and opening up a donut shop! First, we made our own donuts and each child designed some donuts of their own. When the kids saw how delicious their donuts looked they decided it was a good idea to open up a 'Donut Shop!' 

Some of the kids made money and some decided to make some other kinds of donuts to sell. They talked about what kinds of donuts people would like the most and how much they could sell them for. Then, we decided it was a good idea to sell some milk and coffee with our donuts! After all of our products were ready we opened up our shop and the kids sold donuts to one another! Happy National Donut Day!!!

donut1.jpg donut2.jpg donut3.jpg

                   donut4.jpg donut5.jpg