Natural Provocations: Connecting with Nature

Today, groups of children visited the studio and were immediately drawn to a table covered with natural materials intended to resemble a real outdoor space. They were deeply interested in using different tools to investigating dirt, chunks of wood, rocks, and plants to see what they may discover! Other children were drawn to the light provocations as continued interests have been prevalent in our studio experiences! As always… there was lots more fun to be had as well!


 Christian: There are too many needles (hammering nails into the wood chunks)!

Jamiya: I found it!

Ms. Tish: What did you find?!

Jamiya: The bug. He went down in there!

Daniel: It’s (nail) going in. It’s hard to do it! We just workin’… but it’s too hard.

Christian: I’m going to find a spider.

Aiden: I found a bug. It’s just a ant. He was getting some food!


Jamiya: It’s a shadow, ‘cause it make a picture of the side of it.

Iker: It’s no hot!

Kamari: It is hot!!!

Iker: Why is there light? Can you see the light?

Christian: (puts flashlight to his ear) I’m a robot!

Vivian: It’s supposed to make a shadow, ‘cause that’s what it’s for!

Vivian: It makes yellow (light through colored manipulatives)!

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