New Year, New Fun

2016 brings new fun to Room 4! A new doll/playhouse has provided many opportunities for language and cooperative playtime.   We created plans for the items that we need in our new doll/playhouse and have been very creative in building those items with different supplies around our room.  We have also been practicing our pattern making skills with colored noodles, learning the value of 10 with new ten frames and practicing making our letters with water colors.  After finding some ice on our playground, we have began investigating how ice is made.  We discussed how water can change, so we conducted our own experiment with water. We placed water in pans, along with items from around the room, then placed a pan in the freezer, a pan outside and a pan in our room. We loved seeing the water change, or in one case stay the same. We then tried melting the ice with paint brushes and friction to remove the class room items.  More ice fun will be on the way!

DSC04323.JPG   DSC04373.JPG