No Brushes Needed!

Last week, children had the opportunity to paint in some inventive ways. At the Gilliate building, bottles filled with acrylic paint were hung from the ceiling so that the children could swing and squeeze them as the bottles dropped paint onto our canvases. Of course, we had plenty of paint on the floor as we worked… and the children had a blast exploring by walking through it with their bare feet!!!

At the Thompson building, children used the ‘tall painting’ method. A tree stump was placed on the ground and surrounded by blank canvases. The children proceeded to poor paint onto the log and watched the colors create a marble like appearance as they ran onto each canvas. Watching the children discuss and coordinate their movements, so as not to interfere with each other’s work, was amazing. Their ever growing social-emotional skills become more and more prevalent with each given day at St. Mary’s Child Center!!!


nobrushpaint3.jpg nobrushpaint5.jpg nobrushpaint9.jpg