Not JUST Painting: Creating with Process and Purpose

The children of Room 2 at the Gilliate building had the chance to try what was for a lot of them, an unconventional method of watercolor painting. Individual sheets of high quality paper were combined on a round table to make one large work space. A large group (almost the entire class) was invited over to use small spray bottles and various brushes to create an extremely vibrant, collaborative work of art.  But, there was more to this exploration then what met the eye. The purpose behind individual sheets of paper combined into one were to demonstrate that there was strength in working as a community, but also in individuality. The painting(s) could be viewed as a whole or as independent pieces. They could be combined or separated as the children saw fit. While we typically promote small group work and recognize its extreme benefits; for this activity the children were purposely asked to work in a large group in very close quarters to one another. Community, teamwork, problem solving, and the discussion that comes with these was the driving intentionality behind the creation of these works… or work… of art.