Observing Transitions & Recognizing Individuality... Paint/Light

Today, groups of children chose to visit the studio after being asked if they wanted to help finish our paintings. They we’re A.O.K. going directly to the paintings as they entered the space. However, their attention didn’t stay there long. They were quickly drawn to the light invitation that remained from previous investigations. Each child had a different priority as to what they considered flashlight-worthy. Regardless, it was very interesting and thought-provoking to sit back and observe how each child had their own thoughts and processes as they continue to investigate light and their environments in general.

20170822_090548_edited.jpg 20170822_091156.jpg 20170822_091434.jpg

20170822_091534.jpg 20170822_091609.jpg 20170822_091818.jpg

20170822_092618.jpg 20170822_092703.jpg 20170822_093053.jpg