What has room 3 been up to? 


The children in room 2 have really taken an interest in manipulating, creating and talking about play dough.  We cannot wait to see where this will lead the children to explore and learn.  So far we have created silky and bubble dough. 

Children have also decided to create slime.  When making the two different recipes we discussed how they are the same and different.

What will happen next? 


We have decided to take a field trip to Walmart to buy all the ingredients we need to create and experiment with making a new playdough.  Children  first voted on 5 different recipes.  When looking at our chart we counted 8 votes for the “Marshmallow Playdough.”  This was the group with the most votes. 

When looking at the recipes and planning our shopping trip we found that a lot of play dough recipes have similar ingredients.  With this said we can probably use multiple recipes with just a handful of the same ingredients. 

(The pictures attached show the children creating tally marks when placing their vote on the play dough recipe to make.  Other pictures show them playing and manipulating the slime we created. ) 

slimeclay1.jpg slimeclay2.jpg

slimeclay3.jpg slimeclay4.jpg