Painting Processes, Glue Tape, and Much More!

Today, groups of children at the Gilliate building were very, very active in their studio! The children worked on process paintings and freely moved on to other areas as they finished, or vice versa. New children to the provocation were eager to try constructing with the “glue” tape. In addition, the kiddos were extremely creative with lots of different materials throughout the studio! To be able to move so freely while still respecting the natural flow and resources of the studio shows how children learn to connect with their environments. They are developing an understanding of how to work WITH their environments, while finding more and more models of social interactions!




Brandon: It look like my dog.

How so?

Brandon: Because he black and white.

Kaley: I’m painting up!

Brandon: It (paint) smells like oil.




David: Look what happened… it’s (paper gum tape) sticky!


Brandon: I found nature!


Kaley: Three light-ups (holds three flashlights together)!


Kaley: These are vegetables (makes me a “plate of veggies” using colored blocks)… eat!


Brandon: This is the crocodile, alligator medicine! Food so they don’t get sick. I’m given’ ‘em somethin’ in they medicine tanks! This all my crocodiles, alligators, snakes, raccoons, lions, and tigers medicine (BJ works with small manipulatives and medicine containers to make his own animal pharmacy)!

Jason: Es mi castle!

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