Today we enjoyed exploring a papaya. The children predicted what they thought it would look like, explored the outside and inside and finally, they tried it!




Read on to see what the children thought of the papaya!

What do you think a Papaya is?

 Amiyah- Pineapple

Rylin- Apple

Kalvary- Pie

Adira- Pizza


Where do you think it comes from (after exploring the picture of a Papaya Tree)?

Aminah- outside

Adira- a tree 


What do you think it looks like in the inside?

 Major- Green 

Aminah- blue 

Adira- yellow 


What do you think it will taste like?

Major- Juice

Aminah- Good

Ashley- Cocomelon


What did it taste like?

Kalvary- It taste like candy

Aminah- Nasty

Rylin- Juice

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