Papercut Stories

In Ms. Lauren’s class at the Thompson building, we’ve begun work on a storytelling project that will build off of a lot of our earlier explorations in pop-up books, bookmaking, and storytelling using different materials.  Inspired by the work of Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair (, we are making LED-backlit papercut stories.  Jeremiah’s first try at this new technique is pictured below.  His story features a tattooed octopus made out of air dry clay and a small man in a cave inside a mountain.  He drew his entire story on paper first, and then began making the individual characters and scenery out of cut paper and clay.  Final versions will be built incrementally using foam core frames layered together to make a box, with papercut layers glued in between each foam core piece.  Air dry clay components will be attached to the foam core frame box, and then a floating LED will be positioned behind the box to illuminate and add depth to the story.  To see an awesome video of Hari and Deepti making their art, check out:

photo 1 photo 2