Pet Store Pictures: Early Experiences with Photography

Today, children of the Thompson building took a field trip to the pet store, hoping to buy some fish for their new classroom fish tank! Before they left, the children were introduced to a camera and were very eager to take their own photographs! So, they brought the camera along with them to document their experience at the pet store! The children were shown how to use different features on the camera, testing them out as the explored the store. In the children’s photographs, you could notice improvement in each try at a photo as they got a feel for photography!

20170829_105207.jpg 20170829_105401.jpg 20170829_105701.jpg


20170829_110559.jpg20170829_110828.jpg 20170829_111725.jpg

Child_Photo_1.JPG Child_Photo_2.JPG Child_Photo_3.JPG

Child_Photo_4.JPG Child_Photo_5.JPG Child_Photo_7.JPG