Picass - OH!

Today, the children of room 3 at the Thompson building were given a brief introduction to the works of Pablo Picasso. Some were then invited to use various mediums while others were asked to use photos of themselves to create Picasso inspired works of their own! Can you tell which one is a “happy face”? How about the “man with a blue beard”? That’s the beauty of Picasso. He had the uncanny ability to create surreal, but oft recognizable representations while still leaving observers with a sense of wonder. It is not uncommon for our children to work and create in a similar way… as you see here!


This work was created by an artist named Pablo Picasso. What do YOU see?

Jasper: OH! They look funny.

Zyaire: Yeah, because he made different colors.

Angel: Needs hair!

Vivian: Yeah, they’re happy.

Elijah: Why’d he mess that face up?

Brylin: It’s faces!


Now that you’ve seen Mr. Picasso’s artwork, do you think that you could be like him? What would you create?

Vivian: I’m gonna make a happy face!

Zyaire: I’ma make a sad face.

Angel: I’m gonna do that (grabs Mr. Bryan’s beard)!

Jasper: I’m going to do the face. It’s a man with a blue beard.

Elijah: I don’t want to cut my face (his picture) up!

Anastasia: No eyes.