Playdough VS. Clay

In order to support Room 3’s playdough project, students were invited to the studio to work with clay in order to compare and contrast the two substances…


It is so easy to look at projects or investigations such as these and assume there is no substance (pun intended) behind them. We must look deeper. The measuring and mixing of ingredients bring forth valuable math and science concepts, our comparisons brought forth amazing conversations, and the manipulation of these substances strengthen children’s motor skills. Again, we must dig deeper… as these are just a handful of examples of the learning that takes place in early learning settings. This is especially prevalent with the Reggio philosophy and SMCC in general. Child interest is at the forefront, and our brilliant educators are amazing at bringing forth quality learning opportunities that are sure to support our children in any way possible.


Mark: What kind of playdough is this?

I wonder… what do you think?

Mark: It’s grey.


Steven: Playin’ playdough.


Yaretzi: It’s hard… the playdough.

What if I told you that it’s not playdough… it’s clay!

Mark: Ohhhhhh, clay can make anything. It gets hard and you can make a cup!


Mark: It’s cold… so, it’s not playdough. I made eye gobbles for details. It looks at things that you see on things.

Yaretzi: I made Olaf.


Larissa: It’s clay.

Aletzi: It’s hard.

Sarahei: I make it… it stuck.

Like playdough…?

Sarahei: Mmhmm.

Larissa: If you can’t squish it, it’s not playdough… Playdough not hard. In my class, it’s soft!

playdough1.jpg playdough2.jpg

playdough3.jpg playdough5.jpg

playdough6.jpg playdough7.jpg