Process painting... mixing mediums and creating with familiar, but altered materials

Children from different classrooms lend their hands to a process painting. In doing so, they gained experience in seeing how different mediums, and how altered versions of said mediums interact while creating artwork. The children started by drizzling rubber cement all over a blank canvas. Once it had dried, they painted the canvas with a red, acrylic base. A group was then asked to choose three different colors of paint. Once the children had made their choices, they were asked what we could do to the paint to change it in some way. They all decided to mix water in all 3 colors and water color paint in one. Once their mixtures had been made, they stood above the painting and used droppers to make the colors splatter and land on top of one another. Once the canvas had completely dried, children used their fingers to rub and scrape away the raised spots of the painting (where the rubber cement had been added), creating an additional effect by essentially removing paint in a self-controlled way. They were very excited to paint in a new way and eager to create more new and exciting art! 

20170316_092318.jpg 20170317_091646.jpg 20170317_160229.jpg