Re-Visiting Mediums (Marking Pens): Observational Drawings

Today, children from different classrooms at the Gilliate building were invited to the studio in order to learn to work with, or-re-visit observational drawings and marking pens. The children paid very close attention while finding the smaller details in the flower arrangement with which they were working…

Of course, children who had finished up were able to visit other areas of the studio. We had a very calm and fun first day back!!!


Sadik: I make the flowers. Like this… up! *runs finger along a long, flowering plant*


Kaden: I put footprints until the flower grows.


Sadik: I make this and this and this. *drawing individual petals*


Kaden: I make the beans grow!


Alayah: I drew the letter A.

Oh, you did… how come?!

Alayah: For my name.


David: I don’t know how to make it.


Ian: I made the plant… here.


Jamarion: I made these lines. I made this thing bigger than David’s… ‘cause I’m trying to make a plant grow.


Ian: I did it! Hey… I do it!

markingpens10.jpg markingpens1.jpg markingpens3.jpg markingpens4.jpg markingpens11.jpg markingpens5.jpg markingpens7.jpg markingpens8.jpg markingpens9.jpg