Room 4 has continued to explore the world around them by investigating recycling.   We have discussed why it is important to recycle and how to find the recycling symbol.  We have sorted our recycling materials by what they are made from especially plastic, paper and cardboard.  We are very good at washing out and saving items from our room to be recycled, such as plastic cups and cereal bowls.  As a family connection, we have brought in recyclable items from home and shared our items with the class.  We are also reusing different recycled materials in our classroom such as bottle lids on our magnet board and plastic containers in our block area.  Mrs. Pike came to our room to share what she knows about recycling and how we can best take care of the Earth.   We have also been practicing measuring with yard sticks.  We enjoy measuring our big creations and interesting items from around the room. 

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