Reggio Inspirations!

*Note that first 3 photographs are from Reggio Emilia*


If you enter an early childhood environment in the Italian town of Reggio Emilia, you will find spaces designed with children’s exploratory minds at heart. A vast variety of intentional materials are presented to promote investigation, create a sense of wonder, and to help each child develop new interests and strategies. For example, one space may have MANY types of paper or art mediums available. The children are given the freedom to choose what they prefer and create as they see fit… leaving these as very-open ended explorations. In light of this example, children from our Gilliate building were presented with a Reggio inspired provocation… igniting new aspects of their ever-developing creativity!!!

reggioinspiration1.jpg reggioinspiration2.jpg

reggioinspiration3.jpg reggioinspiration4.jpg

             reggioinspiration5.jpg reggioinspiration6.jpg 

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