Room 3 Discovers Bones!

Room 3 discovers bones!

While on a walk in the neighborhood, Room 3 children discovered a big tree that they wanted to explore.  As they were looking around the tree a child found a small skull.  They immediately picked it up and were trying to figure out what it was and where it came from.

Leo announced that it was dead!

Some thoughts off what this skull belonged to:




The teachers then brought in books about bones and skeletons and the class started doing some research to figure out what animal this once was.  This lead to a discussion about their own bodies and bones.

"We have bones in our necks to help keep our heads up”

“Our bones are stronger than steel”

“Bones make us move and walk

“Skeleton head protects our brain”

The children really wanted to find more bones.  On another walk they found a spine.  They were convinced that it belonged to the skull that they found earlier.  The teachers invited the naturalist from Fort Harrison State Park to visit our children and discuss the bones that they found.  Between their research and talking with the naturalist – everyone came to an agreement that the bones belonged to a small raccoon. The children made clay representations in the studio with Mr. Bryan. Parents have told us that their children have been asking to go on walks at home to see if they can discover bones in their own neighborhoods!