Science and Engineering

The past few weeks have been all about exploring science and engineering in Room 6! We have all been scientists, engineers, and architects together with many exciting experiments going on. In the last week, we have seen the students design and build simple machines like levers, build rocket ships and their launch pads, observe chemical reactions with vinegar and baking soda, and explore nature by capturing a grasshopper on the playground. 


Jordan is building with some new pipe materials in the classroom. Jordan said, “This is the stick for my digging and seeing machine. I can see a wolf when I look through it!”


Christian built a new ship for his animal friends. “This is my inter-dimensional space ship. The wolf is in his super hero costume. The pig and cat are in their beds on the ship. The fox is the captain.”


While using pipettes to drop dyed vinegar onto baking soda, Avionna said “I like how it fizzes!” “I like it to! It fizzes the more you put on it,” said Arden.


After several students captured a grasshopper on the playground, Leo was the only one who wanted to help transfer the insect to his new terrarium. Here Leo is, about to place the lid on the terrarium. Leo said, “The lid has holes so the grasshopper can breathe. It’s too small for him to hop out.”