Shadows, Bugs and Imagination

The children of room 5 at the Gilliate building have been visiting the studio and relayed that they are still showing lots of interest in the lights. To support this, a small shadow provocation was introduced so that interested children could explore the shadows of different items. This brought on some awesome conversation! In addition, this particular classroom has been showing great interest in bugs. So, we of course had to go outside to hunt for some, dig through our studio’s natural items, and observe any findings closely. Some children demonstrated their creativeness in other area. For example, some were turning boxes into cars while others were becoming waitresses!


Sadik: Shadows!

What can make a shadow?

Sadik: Manos.

Aiden: Spiders

Samaria: Did you know a crocodile mouth can make a shadow? Your hands can make shadows too… and faces!

What if I told you that anything can make a shadow?

Samaria: But a clock can’t make a shadow.

It can’t? Should we see?

Genesis: It does! The pencil can.

Aiden: The glue!

So, why do these things make shadows?

Aiden: ‘Cause it bright enough… ‘cause it too light.

Samaria: Every time there’s no light on and there is just another light on it makes a shadow.

Aiden: If a light make a shadow and you can see it, you see the sun and it’s bright enough ‘cause it’s hot and you never touch it before. And the clouds cover the sun and then it gets dark.


(Ants inside the wood…)


Angel: They finding food!

Abraham: Come here ants!

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