Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Many children in Room 4 have been interested in talking about each other’s shoes.  When they arrive for the day, they bring to our attention that children and teachers are wearing the same type or same color shoes.  Several shoes were brought in for the children to explore and put on.  Here were some of their comments:

Genesis: You put them on in the rain for jumping puddles.

Bre’Leia:  You can dance with them.  A boy holds your hand and spins you around. 

Biannett: Your shoes are for you to go walking, running and to play outside.

Aletse: Boots are for mud puddles.

La’Miyah:  Do you think these will fit me? They are big, but they feel nice!

Rylan: Ms. Misty look, we both have boots.  (she then pointed out the zipper in each of our shoes.)

shoes1.jpg shoes2.jpg

             shoes3.jpg shoes4.jpg