Snowy Bear!

Last week, the children enjoyed playing outside in the snow so today after we read the book Snowy Bear by Tony Mitton, we brought "Snow" inside of Pre K 2. We emptied our huge bag of shredded paper in our meeting area and let our friends explore making snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights. The children used their imagination to build and create in the "snow". Then, the children talked about the differences between the snow outside and the snow inside. 


Aaron- Its like snow but its not cold.


Christian- Its soft, not hard, that's like snow.


Ezequiel- We can build a snowman. He kinda looks melted.


Victoria- You can get buried under the snow, so cool.


Edgar- The snow outside melts this not.

snow1.jpg snow2.jpg

snow3.jpg snow4.jpg

              snow5.jpg snow6.jpg