Special Guest from Thunder Renovations

St. Anthony's Pre K 2 class had a special guest come to visit from Thunder Renovations, Mr. Lonnie. Mr. Lonnie is Miss Angela's dad and he came in as our expert for our Pipe Project that we've been exploring all year long. Mr. Lonnie helped us build a talking pipe for our classroom like the ones we saw at Thompson on our field trip. The children were excited to learn more about pipes and hear from Mr. Lonnie. He enjoyed talking us about pipes and tools, the different things that go through pipes, the different uses pipes have, and the tools he uses when working with pipes. He also showed the kids how to draw a blueprint of the talking pipe and how to use the different tools like measuring tape, a saw, and his special marker to build a talking pipe in our classroom.


Bengy- Mr. Lonnie what goes through pipes.

Mr. Lonnie- Things like water, gas, and sound.​


Gabriel- What tools do you use on pipes?

Mr. Lonnie- I use a tape measure, a saw to cut,a hammer, and my special red marker.


Mr. Lonnie what's this number on the measuring tape?

Kayli- 1 6 sixteen


Mr. Lonnie Matthew what's this number on the measuring tape?

Matthew- That's number four!

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