Colorful Leaves

Room 1 at St. Anthony's has been investigating leaves. Mrs. Sarah read the story "Colorful Leaves" to the children outside and afterwards they discussed the different trees and leaves surrounding their school neighborhood. The children then collected different leaves for an art provocation. Children painted leaves different colors and used them as stamps to create a beautiful mural.

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Writing Names

During a recent provocation, the children used photos of each other to match the child to their name and then used loose parts such as sticks, gems, and buttons to build the letters.

"Jacob has a J in his name like me."-Joshua

"I'm going to do Isabella's name because she's my best friend."-Andrea

"Sebastian's name has so many letters!"-Ana




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Exploring Lights and Shapes

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's have enjoyed investigating light and shapes by using glow sticks. We turned off the lights in the classroom and allowed the children to observe the changes in light and shapes as they played with the glow sticks. 

"I can make shapes. See? A triangle!" -Lucas

"I'm going to make a letter. Here, this is A. I have two A's in my name."-Renata

"Mrs. Sarah, we worked together to make a picture with all the sticks. It's a sun, tree, grass and a house." -Jacob




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Ansel Adams

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's did a study on the photographer, Ansel Adams. We read a story about Ansel and the children observed his different works that mostly focused on black and white photos of nature. The children then had the opportunity to take their own photos of nature using Mrs. Sarah's camera. They learned how they could change the lenses to create different shots and how to focus the lens on closer objects. The children's own photography is now proudly displayed in our hallway for all to see.




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Classroom Investigations

A small group investigated water properties through tubes and funnels. As the children played and investigated, they started taking note of certain cause and effect relationships.

"When I put the water in at the top, it goes out the bottom."-Joshua

"The longer tubes take longer for the water to go down."-Jacob

"The bigger I make, the more water I need."-Ana




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First Week Back at St. Anthony's

The children spent their first day back for the new school year exploring outside. It was a beautiful day to be surrounded by so many smiling faces! 




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Wrapping up the Year

To wrap up the school year, a group of children from Room 1 at St. Anthony's went on a field trip to explore the Indianapolis Canal. 

"I see a mommy duck with four babies!"-Areli

"Whoa, a waterfall!"-Jacob

"These rocks are the biggest steps I've ever seen!"-Alex

IMG_20190516_083215.jpg IMG_20190516_093529.jpg IMG_20190516_092754.jpg

 IMG_20190516_093125_(1).jpg IMG_20190516_093455.jpg 

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National Take Your Child to School Day!

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's had a very special visitor this past week. For National Take Your Child to Work Day, Mrs. Sarah brought in her son Owen. The children had so much fun playing and doing various provocations with Owen.

"Owen, is Mrs. Sarah your amiga?"-Soley

"No, she's my mom."-Owen

"Are you going to be our teacher today?"-Julian

"Well, kind of. I'm going to be helping along side my mom to see what it's like to be a preschool teacher."-Owen

"Can you come EVERY DAY?!"-Joshua

"That would be fun but I still have to go to school and learn just like you."-Owen

Sarahsson1.jpg Sarahsson2.jpg

Sarahsson3.jpg Sarahsson5.jpg

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Spring is officially here and with that brings rainy weather! The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's observed the rain looking out the window and were able to create their own rainy day picture using various loose parts. One of our friends even gave us his umbrella to use and we hung it up above our table! While the children were creating their own pictures discussion took place:

"I made an umbrella. Look at the rain coming down on it."-Jacob

"Me too, Jacob! Drip drop. Drip drop."-Alexis

"This is my house. I'm inside because I don't like the rain."-Joshua

"Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day."-Soley

rain1.jpg rain2.jpg

rain3.jpg rain4.jpg


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The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's worked in small groups to discuss mandalas. We decided to small group in a quiet hallway where the children could manipulate the sand and other materials to create a sense of peace. They were able to create their own mandalas by using loose parts such as seashells, gems, rocks, and sticks. 

"Mandalas look like circles."-Alex

"They have different designs inside."-Julian

"I'm going to draw a circle in the sand first then put my rocks on. Just going to follow the line."-Areli

"Mrs. Sarah, we could make these outside with leaves and rocks!"-Joshua

mandalas1.jpg mandalas2.jpg

       mandalas3.jpg mandalas4.jpg mandalas5.jpg

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