School of rock!

During a science provocation, two children were investigating different rocks, minerals and geodes.


"Look, these two match."-Joshua

"I found the rock with the spots in the book."-Sofia

"That one's called a Dalmatian Jasper."-Mrs. Sarah

"Dalmatian?! Like the dog?"-Sofia



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First week of school at St. Anthony's!

We enjoyed having the children back in the building at St. Anthony's. Here is a glimpse of what we did during week one of the 2021-22 school year!



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Spring Weather

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's are still enjoying the spring weather. The children had the opportunity to do observational paintings of daffodils. During painting, conversation took place

"My mom and I planted these flowers."-Jasmine

"The petals are yellow but the inside is orange."-Adrian

"The flowers are blooming because the weather is getting warmer."-Adan



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Chalk Cars

With Spring in the air, Room 1 has been enjoying the warmth and sunshine. Recently, Mrs. Sarah brought in a special surprise....chalk cars! The children enjoyed lining them up, driving them across the sidewalk to create tracks and racing them!


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Building Materials

The children in Room 1 have been exploring our building materials and creating all different types of structures. Train tunnels, rollercoasters, and castles have all been created through collaboration.

"Look at our rollercoaster. The train is going down the ramp."-Sebastian age 5

"When the train goes through the tunnel it's dark."-Joshua age 4

"This Elsa's castle."-Avery age 3

"It's a castle for a princess."-Miranda age 4


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Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

Room 1 began the new year with a baking soda and vinegar experiment. They were able to see how colors blended together as well as watch how the mixture changed throughout the experiment. 


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Colorful Leaves

Room 1 at St. Anthony's has been investigating leaves. Mrs. Sarah read the story "Colorful Leaves" to the children outside and afterwards they discussed the different trees and leaves surrounding their school neighborhood. The children then collected different leaves for an art provocation. Children painted leaves different colors and used them as stamps to create a beautiful mural.

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Writing Names

During a recent provocation, the children used photos of each other to match the child to their name and then used loose parts such as sticks, gems, and buttons to build the letters.

"Jacob has a J in his name like me."-Joshua

"I'm going to do Isabella's name because she's my best friend."-Andrea

"Sebastian's name has so many letters!"-Ana




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Exploring Lights and Shapes

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's have enjoyed investigating light and shapes by using glow sticks. We turned off the lights in the classroom and allowed the children to observe the changes in light and shapes as they played with the glow sticks. 

"I can make shapes. See? A triangle!" -Lucas

"I'm going to make a letter. Here, this is A. I have two A's in my name."-Renata

"Mrs. Sarah, we worked together to make a picture with all the sticks. It's a sun, tree, grass and a house." -Jacob




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Ansel Adams

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's did a study on the photographer, Ansel Adams. We read a story about Ansel and the children observed his different works that mostly focused on black and white photos of nature. The children then had the opportunity to take their own photos of nature using Mrs. Sarah's camera. They learned how they could change the lenses to create different shots and how to focus the lens on closer objects. The children's own photography is now proudly displayed in our hallway for all to see.




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