Our Surroundings

Room 1 at St. Anthony's has had a great first few weeks of school. The children have been engaged and inquisitive about their surroundings in our outdoor and indoor spaces. We have found "berries" outside and even found a cricket inside our classroom that we decided to keep and learn about! We are excited for what's next to come!

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Collaboration with Families!

With the school year coming to a close this week, we wanted to bring our families together one last time to celebrate what a wonderful year it has been. The children and their families collaborated together to create a beautiful canvas that will remain in the Pre-K 1 classroom for years to come to symbolize a sense of community and engagement. Thank you to all our families for your involvement and encouraging your child's sense of wonder.

With love,

Mrs. Sarah and Mrs. Ana

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One day the children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's were pretending to make guacamole in the kitchen area. This sparked conversation during meeting about what ingredients were in guacamole and how it is traditionally made using a stone bowl called a molcajete. We then gathered all of the ingredients and made guacamole for the whole class and other staff members in the building.

What is in guacamole?

"Green stuff."-Yayleen



"My abuela uses a molcajete when she makes guacamole. It smashes up the avocados."

"I like mine spicy. With jalapenos!."-John

guacamole1.jpg guacamole2.jpg


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The children in room 1 at St. Anthony's have been exploring light and shadows from sunlight streaming through one of the windows. We've taken the opportunity to explore our own shadows through drawings and with colored paddles. On another day, blocks were added to the area to create structures and observe and discuss the shapes we saw in the shadows.

"The sun is turning my skin blue with the blue paddle."-Jacob

"The block's shadow looks like a castle."-Rosselyn

"The sun is making the colors on the paper."-Marvin


shadow3.jpg shadow4.jpg

 shadow5.jpg shadow2.jpg

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Potion Bottles!

A few children in Room 1 were drawing "potion bottles" which sparked conversation. 

What is a potion?

"Something that turns you into something else."-Marvin

"It makes you big. Tall as your house."-Emmanuel

The children were then provided an opportunity to create their own potions using test tubes and various materials. They then were asked, "What kind of potion did you create?"

-"Shrinking potion."-Rosselyn

-"Makes you grow bigger."

-"This potion turns you into a bunny rabbit."-Brandon


potion2.jpg potion4.jpg


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Tea Lights!

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's have been interested in our tea lights that were introduced during a provocation with magna tiles. Several children inquired about how else we could use the lights and suggested pairing them with colored cups and colored paddles. Conversation took place during ​their investigation:

"My light changes color when I put it in the cup."-Kelvin

"When the light is under the blue paddle it's blue. Under the red it's red. Together it's purple."-John

"The yellow and blue make green."-Yayleen

"When I look through them everything is that color."-Jacob

"The light is making it bright."-Ximena

tealight1.jpg tealight2.jpg

tealight3.jpg tealight4.jpg

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Learning through Soccer!

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's are still investigating the topic of soccer. The children collaborated together to create a piece of artwork to display in the classroom. Motion and speed were used to spread paint across the canvas. As the children worked they noticed that communication was key in this activity! 

"I need to tell my friend when I'm going to pass the ball to them so they can stop it. If I don't, paint will go everywhere!"-Rosselyn

"When I kick the ball, it moves the paint across the paper."-Marvin

"The colors are mixing up."-Brandon

"Kicking it fast makes the paint move faster."-Ximena

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All things.. Soccer!

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's have been busy investigating and exploring the topic of soccer. Different provocations from observational drawings, to measuring distance of kicking a soccer ball, to creating our own jerseys and team names have helped us to answer questions and inquiries about the sport. The children especially enjoyed taking a field trip to meet a "soccer expert", Mrs. Sarah's son, Owen. The children asked many questions such as; "How did you learn to play soccer?", "What position do you play?", "How often do you practice?", and "How do you feel when you lose?". They then had the opportunity to go outside and put what they learned into action by playing a game of soccer and working on their own foot skills, passing/maneuvering the ball, and communicating as a team. We are very excited to see where our wonders lead us next!

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It's Fall Time! (Leaves and Tree)

The children in Pre-K 1 have been fascinated with what the seasonal changes of Fall have done to the trees on our playground. We went outside and sat under the tree to create observational drawings of what we saw when we looked up into the tree. The following day we took our curiosities further and created our own versions of trees on the light table using sticks and gems. Some children even took the gems and used them as measuring agents to measure each stick.

 fallleaves1.jpg fallleaves2.jpg fallleaves3.jpg fallleaves4.jpg

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Painting.. with scents!

The children in Pre-K 1​ were able to create paintings with paint that had different spices(cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla) added to them. They made different observations on the scents and discussion took place as they painted.

"This paint smells different."-Marvin G

"The red one smells like cookies."-Rosselyn

"Smells like hot sauce and this one smells like cookies."-Yayleen

"Yummy! It's like bubblegum."-Isanah

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