Valentines and Pop-Up Art!

For Valentine's Day the children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's learned about a friend of Mrs. Sarah's who happens to be an artist. Chris Uphues specializes in "pop-art" and is known for his drawings and paintings of hearts that can be seen around big cities such as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. The children were able to look at a few of his pieces and discussed what they saw.

"He makes hearts with faces."-Adrian

"They have no bodies on them though."-Areli

"They kind of look like cartoons."-Julian

After the discussion, the children were able to create their own heart drawings and paintings.

valentines1.jpg valentines2.jpg


valentines5.jpg valentines6.jpg

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Watercolors and Light!

The children in Room 1 investigated watercolors on the light and made observations as they explored.

"Red and yellow make orange like fire."-Areli

"The blue one and red one make purple."-Aldo

"I made green!"-Marcos

watercolor1.jpg watercolor2.jpg

watercolor3.jpg watercolor4.jpg



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Pizza Dough!

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's are still investigating the topic of pizza. One day the children had the opportunity to make their own pizza dough. They measured out each ingredient using measuring cups and measuring spoons. Then they had to use their strength to knead the ingredients with their hands until it turned into dough. The next day, they were able to use rolling pins to roll the dough out into circular pizza shapes.

                 pizzadough1.jpg pizzadough2.jpg

pizzadough3.jpg pizzadough4.jpg

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Pizza! Pizza!

The students in Room 1 at St. Anthony's have expressed interests and curiosities about pizza. Each day the children were creating pizzas with the magna-tile blocks. During their building they would talk about the topic and were wondering:

"What stuff makes pizza?"-Julian
"How do you cook pizza?"-Aldo

We took this topic and dived into project work with many provocations from investigating different spices/herbs in pizza, drawings, building a pizza with loose parts, and creating our own recipe! Where will our wonders take us next?

pizza1.jpg  pizza3.jpg 


                     pizza2.jpg pizza4.jpg

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Mrs. Ana and her baby, Luna!

The children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's had a special surprise when Mrs. Ana came in for a visit with her new baby, Luna. While Mrs. Ana has been on maternity leave, Mrs. Sarah has made sure to keep Mrs. Ana involved in our morning meeting by talking about her and giving the children updates on the baby and showing them pictures. The children had brainstormed and came up with questions for Mrs. Ana about baby Luna for them to ask during her visit. We all were so excited to see her and meet her precious baby! We can't wait for her to be back!

luna1.jpg luna2.jpg



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Our Surroundings

Room 1 at St. Anthony's has had a great first few weeks of school. The children have been engaged and inquisitive about their surroundings in our outdoor and indoor spaces. We have found "berries" outside and even found a cricket inside our classroom that we decided to keep and learn about! We are excited for what's next to come!

image_(20).jpg MVIMG_20180824_091159.jpg 


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Collaboration with Families!

With the school year coming to a close this week, we wanted to bring our families together one last time to celebrate what a wonderful year it has been. The children and their families collaborated together to create a beautiful canvas that will remain in the Pre-K 1 classroom for years to come to symbolize a sense of community and engagement. Thank you to all our families for your involvement and encouraging your child's sense of wonder.

With love,

Mrs. Sarah and Mrs. Ana

collab.jpg collab2.jpg



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One day the children in Room 1 at St. Anthony's were pretending to make guacamole in the kitchen area. This sparked conversation during meeting about what ingredients were in guacamole and how it is traditionally made using a stone bowl called a molcajete. We then gathered all of the ingredients and made guacamole for the whole class and other staff members in the building.

What is in guacamole?

"Green stuff."-Yayleen



"My abuela uses a molcajete when she makes guacamole. It smashes up the avocados."

"I like mine spicy. With jalapenos!."-John

guacamole1.jpg guacamole2.jpg


guacamole4.jpg guacamole5.jpg

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The children in room 1 at St. Anthony's have been exploring light and shadows from sunlight streaming through one of the windows. We've taken the opportunity to explore our own shadows through drawings and with colored paddles. On another day, blocks were added to the area to create structures and observe and discuss the shapes we saw in the shadows.

"The sun is turning my skin blue with the blue paddle."-Jacob

"The block's shadow looks like a castle."-Rosselyn

"The sun is making the colors on the paper."-Marvin


shadow3.jpg shadow4.jpg

 shadow5.jpg shadow2.jpg

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Potion Bottles!

A few children in Room 1 were drawing "potion bottles" which sparked conversation. 

What is a potion?

"Something that turns you into something else."-Marvin

"It makes you big. Tall as your house."-Emmanuel

The children were then provided an opportunity to create their own potions using test tubes and various materials. They then were asked, "What kind of potion did you create?"

-"Shrinking potion."-Rosselyn

-"Makes you grow bigger."

-"This potion turns you into a bunny rabbit."-Brandon


potion2.jpg potion4.jpg


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