Experimenting with Heat

The children were able to investigate an experiment with heat. They used a blow dryer and crayons glued to a pumpkin and hypothesized what would happen when the heat touched the crayons. A couple theories were:

"I think the crayons will dry."-Kelvin

"The crayons will melt and it will turn into a rainbow of colors."-Yayleen

 After the experiment, the children were able to do observational drawings of their finished pumpkin.

IMG_20171025_091334.jpg IMG_20171025_091504.jpg IMG_20171025_091658.jpg


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Rainy Weather

With the wet, rainy weather this week the children went outside and sat under an awning and observed the rain. They were able to make drawings of what they saw and discussion took place as they were drawing:

"The rain is hitting the puddles."-Marvin

"It smells weird outside when it rains."-Ximena

"The cars make it splash on the road."-Kelvin

IMG_20171004_091142.jpg IMG_20171004_092308.jpg

IMG_20171004_092344.jpg IMG_20171004_092358.jpg

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Vegetable Oil and Colored Water

The children in Pre-K 1 did an experiment with vegetable oil and colored water. They wondered what would happen when we combined the two and theories were as followed:

It will turn colors.-Marvin

It will turn it into water of colors.-Rosselyn

It's gonna be a rainbow.-Jacob

IMG_20170921_095147.jpg IMG_20170921_095531.jpg IMG_20170921_100101.jpg

IMG_20170921_100132.jpg IMG_20170921_100334.jpg

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The children were given sweet peppers for lunch and it sparked in interest in different kinds of peppers. For a provocation using bell peppers the children investigated through drawings, cutting them in half to examine the inside and viewing them through magnify glasses. Rosselyn made an observation of a pepper after she cut it..."these smell spicy!"

IMG_20170831_075554_(1).jpg IMG_20170831_075655_(1).jpg

IMG_20170831_081547.jpg IMG_20170905_065720.jpg

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Sweet Peppers

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The children in Pre-K 1 have shown in interest in soccer. They first exhibited these interests by pretending to play soccer at the soccer fields across the street. We introduced a real soccer ball during meeting and lots of questions were asked by the children.

"How do you kick a soccer ball?"-Marvin

"How do you score a goal?"-Ladarryn

"What about uniforms?"-Gianluca

"How do you win?"-Yayleen

We are excited to see where our wonders will lead us next!

image.jpg IMG_20170821_092329.jpg IMG_20170821_092351.jpg

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School Started!

St. Anthony's started school this week and the children in Pre-K 1 have been busy exploring our different spaces.

IMG_20170807_091445.jpg IMG_20170807_094404.jpg

IMG_20170807_095307.jpg IMG_20170808_100916.jpg

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Our class has been identifying more and more letters as we continue studying our stories. Many friends have been noticing the first letters in their name and showing one another which letter belongs to them. We invited them to create their letters with some straws that they cut into small pieces. We now have a beautiful display of their creation and a starting point for them to discover first letters of all kinds of things!

14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg

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Book Continuation

Our class has continued our study of books and have learned many new things together! We have been very impressed with how our students have begun to read to themselves independently. With books they like and books which are easy to follow they are quickly gaining skills in picture to word correspondence and are able to tell a story using picture cues!

12.jpg 13.jpg

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Book Curiosity

Our class has found a project! Our friends are becoming curious about books. We decided to visit the local library to get books that we could pick out for ourselves. The favorite author right now is Mo Willems, and we have been conducting polls to determine the favorite book in the classroom. We are very excited to pursue the students’ excitement for literature!

10.jpg 11.jpg 9.jpg

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