Sensory Bottles

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Volunteers in the Classroom

We enjoyed spending time with our volunteers from Eli Lilly in the classroom. The volunteers helped the students work on their train project. Together, they used building blocks to build a tunnel for the train cars, painted, and learned how to mold clay into trains.


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Learning Names

In St. Anthony's Pre K 2 we've been working on identifying our names and writing them. We used our big wooden letter tiles to spell out our names and we used linking blocks to build our names like towers. 

Delilah- "Look I built my name really high."

Emily- "My name card matches the name I built."

Marla- "I found all my letters M A R L A."



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Summer Days in Room 2

Today, Room 2 took advantage of the summer weather and explored our new Design & Build Water Blocks while playing outside. Our friends were really excited to play with the blocks in the water and they were surprised the blocks floated on top of the water!

Anthony- "Wow they stick together like magic."

Dayana- "Ms. Dariea I built a house."

Marla- "This is so fun I like these blocks."

Delilah-"How are the blocks floating on the water?"




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Family Engagement!

St. Anthony's Pre K 2 room had a family engagement event. We invited our families in to have breakfast with their child/ children and welcomed them to do activities with them. The activities varied from making bookmarks, to making jewelry, and playing in centers with their families. We also passed around our project binder so that parents could take a look and see what we've been working on. This event turned out great and our class and their parents had a lot of fun!

familyengagement1.jpg familyengagement2.jpg



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Colors and Colors!

Pre K 2 has been exploring the book MIXED by Arree Chung. The book is about how colors red, blue, and yellow come together and start to make all different colors and make the world one big colorful place. Our kids explored dripped painting on a canvas using red, blue , and yellow like in the book. They were excited as they watched the colors mix together to create new colors on the canvas.

Ezequiel- "Look I mixed yellow and blue and it made green.

Amy-"Oh look at all the colors change that looks so cool".

Karis- Blue and red mixed makes purple.

colors1.jpg colors2.jpg

colors4.jpg colors6.jpg

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Snowy Bear!

Last week, the children enjoyed playing outside in the snow so today after we read the book Snowy Bear by Tony Mitton, we brought "Snow" inside of Pre K 2. We emptied our huge bag of shredded paper in our meeting area and let our friends explore making snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights. The children used their imagination to build and create in the "snow". Then, the children talked about the differences between the snow outside and the snow inside. 


Aaron- Its like snow but its not cold.


Christian- Its soft, not hard, that's like snow.


Ezequiel- We can build a snowman. He kinda looks melted.


Victoria- You can get buried under the snow, so cool.


Edgar- The snow outside melts this not.

snow1.jpg snow2.jpg

snow3.jpg snow4.jpg

              snow5.jpg snow6.jpg

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Water vs. Vinegar!

We have been doing a water vs. vinegar investigation. We put pennies, a marker, and paper in mason jars filled with vinegar and water and we explored the differences between the objects in the water versus the objects in the vinegar.


What does vinegar smell like?

Ezequiel- It smells like something disgusting.


What will happen with the penny in the water?

Aaron- Its going to explode everywhere.


What will happen with the marker in the vinegar?

Victoria - It will change colors.

watervsvinegar3.jpg watervsvinegar.jpg

watervsvinegar2.jpg watervsvinegar4.jpg

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Keke the Praying Mantis

Last week in St. Anthony's Pre K 2 classroom we explored Praying Mantis'. We found a Praying Mantis outside and that led to an investigation about what they eat, where they come from, and how they survive.​ Our friends came up with three different names to give the Praying Mantis which were Unicorn, KeKe, and Fly Thing. We kept the Praying Mantis as a classroom pet and took a vote to name it, the majority of our friends voted to name it "KeKe".

09BDC4F6-3955-4F97-92C9-726A85FA756C.jpeg 83F7E372-AA88-4DCF-B906-7531F0A93FD1.jpeg DE970DBA-C607-41D5-8D6E-4CB97D60D6EB.jpeg 

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Special Guest from Thunder Renovations

St. Anthony's Pre K 2 class had a special guest come to visit from Thunder Renovations, Mr. Lonnie. Mr. Lonnie is Miss Angela's dad and he came in as our expert for our Pipe Project that we've been exploring all year long. Mr. Lonnie helped us build a talking pipe for our classroom like the ones we saw at Thompson on our field trip. The children were excited to learn more about pipes and hear from Mr. Lonnie. He enjoyed talking us about pipes and tools, the different things that go through pipes, the different uses pipes have, and the tools he uses when working with pipes. He also showed the kids how to draw a blueprint of the talking pipe and how to use the different tools like measuring tape, a saw, and his special marker to build a talking pipe in our classroom.


Bengy- Mr. Lonnie what goes through pipes.

Mr. Lonnie- Things like water, gas, and sound.​


Gabriel- What tools do you use on pipes?

Mr. Lonnie- I use a tape measure, a saw to cut,a hammer, and my special red marker.


Mr. Lonnie what's this number on the measuring tape?

Kayli- 1 6 sixteen


Mr. Lonnie Matthew what's this number on the measuring tape?

Matthew- That's number four!

renovation1.jpg renovation2.jpg renovation3.jpg

renovation4.jpg renovation5.jpg renovation6.jpg

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