Story Workshop

The children came back from break to a larger building area and the beginning stages of a dedicated story workshop area.   They were excited as they moved about the room, locating their favorite materials and enjoying the larger building space.   They are starting to mix materials in their buildings and wanting to save their buildings from day to day.   With the rearranged space, we also spent time looking up and noticed that there isn’t much in the top half of our room.   The children created bead wires to store inspirations for stories and books in progress.   They used beads, wire, sharpies and clear transparency sheets to create a hanging work of art.

Ms. Elizabeth, our studio teacher, brought in wood boxes and pieces of plywood.  The children explore arrangements of these materials to create a story workshop space in our classroom.   We are currently experimenting with one of the designs. In story workshop, we have begun to use felt pieces to form collages as a way to tell stories.

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