Studio Explorations: Natural and Recycled Materials

Today, children at the Gilliate building were eager to explore their studio space. Most were quickly drawn to provocations featuring natural and recycled materials. They closely examined branches, leaves, and rocks as they worked together on their “landscape”. A few children were especially interested in helping to “deconstruct” cardboard… creating many different shapes and designs. The children will use the cardboard pieces in a future investigation!

20170825_091204.jpg 20170825_091247.jpg 20170825_091658.jpg

20170825_091800.jpg 20170825_091809.jpg 20170825_092226.jpg

20170825_092226.jpg 20170825_110531.jpg 20170825_110549.jpg

20170825_110636.jpg 20170825_111741.jpg 20170825_112118.jpg