Studio Storytelling 2.0... Continuing Collaborative Writer's Workshop

Today, groups of children continued on in creating our collaborative book in the studio. We discussed how THEY would be both an author and illustrator while reading the pages that were created by previous groups. We compared these to familiar storybooks, which seemed to spark a greater understanding. After this, most of the children were eager to start their portion of the book! Great conversations were held as the children decided how they wanted their pages to look and read!!!


Burt: Details!

Wow, I’m so happy you remembered that word! Can you tell me about your details?!

Burt: Yeah, it’s so you can see my mommy.

Kamari: My mommy not cryin’ because she their friend (after reading a page that portrayed a sad mother who was isolated from her friends).

Burt: In mine, my brother ‘cause my mama told him not to touch the “pow pow”. So then he touched it and he got a whoopin’.

Kamari: It’s my brother right there with the playdough.

Burt: So, my brother gets tied up right there.

Karter: My mommy happy ‘cause GG found her daughter and her son. She doin’ her colors. The colors make her happy! Happy ‘cause I drawed on her face. Now she sad ‘cause she lost her kids again.


Larrell: My mommy happy. She wearin’ glasses. She’s writing her letters with them!

Vivian: A shaggy-gaggy came in the room. He tried to fight my mom. She ran too fast then the monster didn’t know where she was so he ran away… the end!

Alaya: This is you and you’re swingin’. This is me and I’m swingin’ too.

Christian: My mom is playing with them.

Alaya: I made 1, 2, 5. Make up for me so I can put it on the book.

Iker: This my mom and dad. They playin’. They playin’ check.

Alaya: I made this (letter A). It says don’t play. It says S too.

Christian: My mom play football with your mom.


Mya: I’m making details. Now I’m writing the words.

Sierra: I made C and A.

Makiya: I write the star. She went out and looked like this (sticks tongue out).

Mya: We made the words. She made H (the girls start singing the ABCs unprompted).

Mya: She went in the dark and ate the banana.

Sierra: This my mama writing her ABCs.

Makiya: This my babysitter. She crying ‘cause mommy made her leave.

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