Studio Update April 13-17



In Juliana’s class,we worked on placing our clay people in the city we are building. We made a platform for some of our buildings, and added papercut buildings to the city.  Next week we will add LED lights to backlight our city.


We enjoyed a visit from Phil O’Malley, a guest artist, who helped the children to make paintings in response to the book, Who Makes the Sun Rise.





In Kyle’s class we constructed people out of clay as part of their human body exploration. 


In Marcy’s class we worked with Fimo clay to construct small clay pots that will serve as small hanging planters to add some “spring” to the classroom.





In Kissiey’s class we began construction of city buses out of clay.  Next week children will work with family members to build larger scale buses out of air dry clay.


We visited the IMA and spent time in the studio playing the drums and painting in response to the music.  We enjoyed a special visit from a guest artist from Uganda, Sister Sabina.